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¡Información!Tickets can be purchased on the day at the entrance. There are online discounts when you pre-book 24 hours before arrival. The Lost World Playbarn requires you to wear (minimum) a sleeved t-shirt (no vest tops), knee length shorts and a pair of socks to ride the slides. Please read the 'What's Open' page for more details about what is available when you visit!



Are you bringing your own food?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food if you wish to do so. If you do bring your own food, please make sure you eat this in one of the designated picnic areas, regardless of the time of year. This is for the health and safety of both yourselves and our animals.

We do not allow branded food from drive-thru’s, coffee shops and takeaways to be brought into the Park.

Only food purchased at Knockhatch Adventure Park can be eaten in Froggies Soft Play Building as we need to make sure guests that are paying for their food have somewhere to sit and eat. Anyone eating their own food will be asked to leave and go to the designated picnic areas.

Picnic areas

We have covered picnic areas at the following locations if you need to find somewhere sheltered to eat:

  • Tommy Tractor Playbarn
  • Burger Bar Picnic Barn
  • Lean to outside Froggies Building
  • Cannon Arena
  • Lost World Playbarn

Some of the covered picnic areas have heaters available. For those who want to have a picnic during the colder weather, please push the button and there will be instant heat provided. The heater is designed to heat people and objects (not the air as it isn’t an air heater). The heater will turn off automatically after 5 minutes.