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¡Información!Tickets can be purchased on the day at the entrance. There are online discounts when you pre-book 24 hours before arrival. The Lost World Playbarn requires you to wear (minimum) a sleeved t-shirt (no vest tops), knee length shorts and a pair of socks to ride the slides. Please read the 'What's Open' page for more details about what is available when you visit!

Annual Pass

If you love spending time at Knockhatch Adventure Park, you can buy an annual pass on your next visit!

From as little as 13p a day you can get admission to the Park 361 days of the year. That's what we call the best value for money in East Sussex!

Buying online

The annual pass will start the day you purchase the pass.

How much is an Annual Pass?

Individual (2yrs+) £69.99

Senior Citizen (60yrs+)* £49.99

Person with Disabilities (2yrs+)** £49.99

Person with Disabilities (2yrs+) with One Un-Named Carer (18yrs+)** £99.98

Person with Disabilities (2yrs+) with Two Un-Named Carers (18yrs+)** £149.97

*Senior Citizen: We may ask for photographic ID for proof of Date of Birth.

**Person with Disabilities and Person with Disabilities Carers: Evidence of DLA/PIP payments must be provided to be able to purchase a Person with Disabilities Day Ticket/Annual Pass or a Person with Disabilities plus one or two Carers Day Ticket/Annual Pass (the evidence must be dated within the last 2 years). Evidence must be shown to staff at the entrance. If evidence is not brought or not in date the full charge will apply.

If purchasing a Person with Disabilities plus one or two Carers Day Ticket/Annual Pass, the carer must be 18yrs+. When purchasing a Person with Disabilities plus one or two Carers Annual Pass the carer will be linked to the person with disabilities and only one card will be issued to the person with disabilities and the carer can only enter the Park when the person with disabilities enters.

If the person with disabilities needs two carers, a doctor letter stating this also needs to be shown at the entrance upon arrival when purchasing the Annual Pass.

We reserve the right to ask for photographic ID if we feel it is needed.

We do not have separate entry points or a queue jumping system in place. During the holidays the queues will be long.

How do you get an Annual Pass?

Please ask at the entrance next time you visit. We will take some details and a photo of you. Passes are for NAMED persons only - we do not supply un-named passes.

How do I activate and use my account?

Watch the how to video.

How do I renew an Annual Pass?

You can enjoy a 20% renewal discount.

We offer a renewal discount for expired passes up to 60 days after it has expired.

Any Annual Pass can be renewed at the entrance up to 60 days after your pass has expired.

Individual Adult or Child (2yrs+) Annual Passes can be renewed online through your customer account up to 28 days after the pass has expired.

The discount is not offered beyond 60 days under any circumstances.

To see how to renew your Annual Pass through your account watch the video.

Please see our terms and conditions page for full information.

What happens if we turn up without our Annual Pass?

We will charge £2.00 per person for entry. The money gets donated to Chestnut Tree House.

Please see the full terms and conditions page.

What happens when a pass is lost?

A replacement Annual Pass can be issued upon request for a £5 fee.

Please see the full terms and conditions page.